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How to implement group video call on messenger

The free messaging and chatting via Internet has become familiar in daily life. Among applications which will give users this utility, we cannot ignore messenger known as an offspring of the king of social network, Facebook. This is the most popular messaging app in the world today with over 1 billion users even though it has just been separated from Facebook. This has demonstrated the outstanding development of this application at the present and in the future.

Confronting the relentless improvement of the application of the same genre, messenger also renews itself in order to maintain its position in the market. The latest updated version of this application allows users to implement video calls in group of many people at the same time. This feature has brought a lot of utilities to the users. If you have not known how to use this yet, please refer this article for instructions.

Guide for implementing group video calls on messenger

Firstly, you will need this app downloaded in your phones. Note that you have to download the latest version of it otherwise, it will not be supported with this feature.
After completely installing the app start it and create a group including people you want to chat.
To start a group call, click the video camera icon on the upper right corner and choose who you want to chat and click “start call” to call.
You can touch the smileys to add effects to the call or you can also add other friends to the conversation.
You can also implement this feature on your computer by following the same steps, so that you can experience with a wider screen.

Download messenger to your phone right now to experience!

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